Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Leigh Viner" New Artist at Pic Boutique

We are so happy to have Leigh Viner from Denver, Colorado, U.S.A as a new artist within our collection. We have come across her inspirational blog and her successful Etsy shop based in the U.S., where she already sells her multiple art-prints successfully; and we were "wowed" by the style with which she elegantly performs her arts.

Leigh is one of the most humble and positive artists we know, and her pieces reflect this.
She applies her creative skills on Illustrations, Photography and Make-Up; just the right mix to create Art we can absolutely identify ourselves with.

The following works are exclusively available at Pic Boutique. Collect your own Leigh Viner artwork and visit Pic Boutique!

"Offshore" by Leigh Viner

"Sugar Kisses" by Leigh Viner

"Swoon" by Leigh Viner

"Possibilities" by Leigh Viner

"Cats Meow" by Leigh Viner

"Luccia Double" by Leigh Viner