Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photography by Anna Carmignola

"Veles e Vents"

Anna Carmignola is 29 years old and graduated from DAMS in Padua. Her passion for photography began more than ten years ago when she started taking pictures with old cameras and slides.

Her camera is her companion everywhere she goes, she likes to roam the city, look for unusual angles, hidden, photograph the people, and is attracted by reflection of mirrors, water and everything that creates effects of movement and color. She likes to photograph things, which her eyes catch at that moment, and that's when she designs the picture, in that exact moment; she never plans and puts thoughts into her photography before her finger hits the trigger.

Anna gained experience by attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria, and participating at various major exhibitions, and also representing Venetian culture related to the themes of the sonnets "Vivaldi's Four Seasons" in Japan.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Faces of Money" Collection by Piero Martinello

"Ignacio Carrera Pinto, Chile" by Piero Martinello, Faces of Money Collection

>> We handle and exchange it every day, without hardly ever thinking about its origin. Of its graphic content, we are only concerned with the numbers. We take the cold, stylized faces of leaders and public figures for granted, so much that they seem more like artifacts of nature rather than people who once lived.

Beneath those engraved faces, however, lie a myriad stories edited down, simplified and glorified by the nations they helped establish and enrich. Real people rarely have lives as clear and goaloriented as national narratives make them sound. Within their vast complexities are a profusion of unusual anecdotes, forgotten events and actions which would have contrasted greatly with their historically-forged images

There are also stories in the making of those public images as well. The editing-down and commodification of rulers or public figures can happen in a lot of different ways. Sometimes it is deliberately down to establish a political cult. Sometimes they are dragged out from the pages of history after an authoritarian regime fades away. And sometimes, they are used by authoritarian regimes themselves to bolster a sense of historical unity. <<

Piero Martinello
      is a 25-year old portrait photographer. He graduated from the 'Institute of Photography and Visual Arts in Padua. In 2006 he was invited to Fabrica, the international center of research for the Benetton communication, developing a project called "Portraits Bar."

At FABRICA Piero works for various numbers of Colors Magazine, becoming the director of photography for 76 Colors, "Teenagers." He carries on long-term personal projects, such as "The Waste Land", a series of faces of young people consumed by 'alcohol and drug abuse' at the exit of music festivals and techno & hardcore raves in Europe.

He has made for United Colors of Benetton "Victims", the corporate campaign that appeared in Le Monde, The Herald Tribune, La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera on the opening day of the Beijing Olympics, and "It's My Time ', the latest interactive campaign which appeared on the main international networks and magazines.

Piero has also worked on various social campaigns: a visual essay on the situation in Darfur was commissioned by the Canadian magazine Walrus and two campaigns for the 'World Health Organization entitled "Stop Tuberculosis" and "Child Injury Prevention", which won an award the Graphis Awards in New York. 

At the beginning of 2010 Piero spent his time working in New York with the American photographer Mary Ellen Mark, and then in London to assist Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin. He currently works in Milan and London. 

Check his works at the Pic Boutique Gallery
"Faces of Money" Complete Collection by Piero Martinello, 24pc x 30cm x 22,50cm

Here & There

"Queen Elisabeth II, Australia" by Piero Martinello, 133cm x 100cm 

"The Woodacre Deli" 60cm x 60cm, "Faceless" 80cm x 60cm by Andrea Zampese

"Escape" by Paola Stella, 80cm x 60cm

"Smoke Baby Smoke" by Eddie Tan, 120cm x 120cm

"Dust, Ashes, Earth" by Simone Polga, 84cm x 150cm

Monday, January 10, 2011

Andrea Mazzucato's Contemporary Vision

Pic Boutique proudly presents a contemporary vision of a modern traveler and artist:
Andrea Mazzucato at Pic*Boutique

7:10 in NY (88cm x 126cm)

Santa Monica Beach (90cm x 126cm)

Pics of the Boutique

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Vernissage - Sabato 18.Dicembre

Christmas Vernissage
Vendita di Fotografia Fine Art e d'Archivio, Quadri ed
Accessori essenziali per la nuova generazione di Collezionisti
ed Amanti dell'Arte Contemporanea.

Presentando i nostri Artisti:
Alberto Caiola, Andrea Mazzucato, Andrea Zampese, Bonnie Strange, Charles Bals,
Eddie Tan, Editta Bijoux, Elisa Di Rienzo, Elle & Dee, Leigh Viner, Paola Stella
Simone Polga, Sofia Fernandez-Stenström

Vi aspettiamo nella nostra Galleria!
Beppe, Eddie & Chicco

Sabato 18.Dicembre'10 - dalle Ore 19:30
Pic*Boutique - Via Colleoni 105, 36016 Thiene (Vi)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The "City Lights" Series

Eddie Tan presents his new series of photo manipulative artworks on
The hundreds of photos layering on top of each other, generate a new but though familiar vision of metropolitan cities that seem to be vibrating through the night. A drunken vision or just a sea of lights...
Visit our Pic Boutique to see more.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Leigh Viner" New Artist at Pic Boutique

We are so happy to have Leigh Viner from Denver, Colorado, U.S.A as a new artist within our collection. We have come across her inspirational blog and her successful Etsy shop based in the U.S., where she already sells her multiple art-prints successfully; and we were "wowed" by the style with which she elegantly performs her arts.

Leigh is one of the most humble and positive artists we know, and her pieces reflect this.
She applies her creative skills on Illustrations, Photography and Make-Up; just the right mix to create Art we can absolutely identify ourselves with.

The following works are exclusively available at Pic Boutique. Collect your own Leigh Viner artwork and visit Pic Boutique!

"Offshore" by Leigh Viner

"Bulbose" Vase Series by Alberto Caiola

We are honored to present you the artwork of the young industrial designer Alberto Caiola.
His "Bulbose" Vases have found many admirers and Alberto was also selected as one of the "Under 35"
Designers for the Sun Lab Creative Outdoor exhibition.

The series offers 3 different vases, which can be ordered through "Pic Boutique" Gallery in two color shades:
white and anthracite. Go and see Alberto's works at Pic Boutique.

During his studies in industrial design at the Polytechnic of Milan, in 2005 he won the “AD Young
Designers Awards” and soon started cooperating with Cibic&Partners. The year after he partecipated
in some workshops at Fabrica (Benetton research and development communication centre).
Fascinated by conceptual art and excited for change, he moved to the Netherlands
to attend a master at the Design Academy Eindhoven. After a period spent at Antonio Iraci &Partners
involved designing shops and house's interiors, he worked at Cibicworkshop design research center
in Vicenza.

Here he worked for design companies and institutions such as Foscarini, Artemide, Serralunga,
Antonangeli, Leucos, La Rinascente, PaolaC., Emu, La Triennale di Milano, Kunsthaus Graz, Gran
Teatro La Fenice, Mondo S.p.a., VeronaFiere, Cazzaro, The city of Cartagena (Colombia), Quarella,
Environmental furniture.

In 2010 he took part in the collective "Recession design" at the Milan Design Week and was invited to
take part at the project "AAA Cercasi Nuovo Artigiano" which ended with a touring exhibition. He is
now working as consultant for companies, developing projects in exhibition and product design. He
recently established SirAlbert&Mr.Simon studio with Simone Polga.
He believes in the truth of objects and in the value of experiencing things. Objects come to life as time
go by, and the minute we become attached to them we can’t do anymore without them. The
unconscious connection between emotion and familiarity gives rise to his interpretation of design.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Masters & Vintage Archive" Collection

Dear Art-Lovers,

"Collecting Art is collecting the World" as Susan Sontag once said. Herewith we would like to announce that we have opened the Masters & Vintage Archive of Eddie's Private Art Collection.

It features various artworks of Photography Masters like Alas & Piggott, Ellen von Unwerth, Helmut Newton, Guido Argentini, Inez van Lamsweerde, David Lachapelle to name but a few.
Pic Boutique's gallerist and artist Eddie Tan has collected test-prints, art-lithos and archive-photos out of personal passion for these artists during the years, and is now putting his private collection on display for sale.

Visit the gallery and admire the pieces that could be in your collection.
Go to Pic Boutique's Masters Archive

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Elle & Dee's new models out now!

"Delon" is a must-have for every Lady and Gentleman, carrying their MacBook up to 15", iPad, documents and their personal belongings. Essential lines for essential needs. A collection of classic colors in a range of calf leather with tailor-styled lining, made in Italy like all our other bags. Every bag is a unique piece only. Please visit the Bag Boutique to shop your classic accessory at

We proudly present the first edition of Elle & Dee's new model "Petite", an essential shoulder bag, which is your perfect companion on any occasion. The "Petite" is a must for every Lady's wardrobe. We have recycled beautiful nappa and calf leather in soft tone colors and combined with retro lining. Go and get your "Petite" at

Simone Polga for Pic*Boutique

Gentili Art-Lovers, siamo contenti di presentarVi un nuovo artista nel nostro pool di fotografi "Simone Polga".

Simone Polga nasce a Thiene (Vicenza) nell’aprile 1976. In seguito al diploma e master in design presso la Scuola Italiana Design, inizia a lavorare come product designer per aziende nell’ambito del mobile. Nel 2004 fonda, assieme ad altri 3 soci, JoeVelluto, studio di design multidisciplinare, con il quale svolge lavori di ricerca, industrial design e comunicazione per aziende quali Bosa Ceramiche, Diadora, Coin, Coop, Coro, Euro3Plast, F.lli Guzzini, Gas Jeans, Gruppo S. Pellegrino, Killer Loop, Mandarina Duck, Meritalia, Pandora Design, Pitti Immagine, Polimoda Firenze, Richard Ginori, Rollerblade, Sisley, Sonus Faber.
Nel 2005 presenta il libro “Salefino: nuovi sapori dal design italiano”, edito da Abitare Segesta. Nel 2006 lancia con Cristina Morozzi il progetto di comunicazione “Nazionale Italiana Design” che si concretizza con la nascita del brand “CoinCasaDesing”, di cui progetta l’immagine. Nel 2008 il progetto “Saver” prodotto da Coro viene segnalato dall’ADI Design Index. Lasciato lo studio JoeVelluto, da Marzo 2008 è consulente per differenti aziende, sviluppando in particolar modo progetti di retail design, che lo portano a lavorare in tutta Europa.

“Faccio tanti lavori diversi, faccio fotografie, disegnini, architetture enormi, scrivo. Altrimenti sono sicuro che la mia anima si annoierebbe”. Cito con ammirazione le parole di Ettore Sottsass, e in qualche modo posso riconoscere una verità che ci “accomuna”: costante ricerca nello scoprire altri monti, discipline, anime. Nasco come designer industriale, incuriosito e appassionato dall’architettura, dalla musica, dalla fotografia. Leggo con i miei occhi il mondo e cerco di fermare con le immagini quegli istanti che rendono la vita unica.

Per acquistare le opere di Simone Polga visitate

Behind the scenes