Monday, January 10, 2011

Andrea Mazzucato's Contemporary Vision

Pic Boutique proudly presents a contemporary vision of a modern traveler and artist:
Andrea Mazzucato at Pic*Boutique

7:10 in NY (88cm x 126cm)

Santa Monica Beach (90cm x 126cm)

Bangkok Sukhumvit Road I (90cm x 126cm)

Bangkok Sukhumvit Road II (61cm x 200cm)

Tokyo Negativa (61cm x 200cm)

India (25cm x 100cm)

NY (75cm x 49cm)

Tivoli (100cm x 60cm)

Tokyo Dome I (60cm x 60cm)

Tokyo in Bicromia (39cm x 126cm)

"Mixed" Technique: Photo collage (photos Andrea Mazzucato), crayons, chalk and paint on smooth plaster on plywood. American box frame included. Check Andrea's works within our collection at Pic*Boutique

The traveler returns to the places of the mind, eating away at the artificial lights on and unclimbed lines define the perception of a moment. The movement of urban architecture and grandeur are combined in frenetic playing moments of life.

The subject is erratic and unrepeatable and is transferred to adapt its uniqueness, gaining strength and accuracy, filing tracks which dissolve like memories fade.

Each composition is a portrait of an emotion, which is in front of the smallest or the most majestic view of urban complexes, the traveler is kidnapped and hypnotized by the constant motion and irregular elements that surround it. The life that flows in front of his goal, is and must be imprinted in the mind and matter.

The uncertainty of reproducing a specific set of memories in this case is the real strong point, the traveler reproduces the exact moment when his memory is recalled, with its shortcomings, the insecurity of colors el'evanescenza , The overlap of visual perspectives, highlighting the inevitable advantage of being consumed by time and experience.

Eva Bonesso